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1.0 Abstract

Cryptocurrency is a digital payment system that doesn’t rely on traditional banking institutions to verify transactions or store digital funds. It is a peer-to-peer decentralized system that enables anyone anywhere in the world to send and receive payments without the need to enroll in a centralized platform. Most Cryptocurrencies utilize the Secure hash algorithm 3, or better known as SHA-3 encryption to ensure the safety and security of all your transactions.

1.1 Introduction to Cryptocurrency

More than 2,500 United States Businesses now accept Bitcoin or another cryptographic digital form of currency including Microsoft, Expedia and PayPal. These companies made the executive decision to incorporate Cryptocurrency into their business structure for a multitude of reasons including but not limited to, lower transaction fees compared to bank transfers and credit cards, increased security on account of it’s decentralized nature and capability to protect merchants against fraud and time-wasting chargebacks, nearly instant processing due to the disposition of the blockchain and its ability to receive and process payments in real-time, international marketplace and the potential to grow your business globally as you’ll accept a universal currency.

Cryptocurrency and Cryptographic assets are undoubtedly the next evolution in global technology succeeding that of the former generation, and those businesses and individuals who adopt this new means of universal payment systems and blockchain technology will be the ones who will prosperously persevere and thrive through the next iteration of technological advancement.

Brands accepting Cryptocurrency as a payment option

Source: triple-a.io/crypto-ownership

Quote: “The demand and use of cryptocurrencies are rising and the trends show that it is here to stay. Your cryptocurrency also brings to you a host of opportunities to benefit by leveraging it for your business development.”

2.0 Introduction

Money is a social invention, an ever expanding and evolving structure of bartering and trading. Every societal iteration faces a major revolutionary transformation with the meaning and uses of money. From the late Zhou dynasty with their invention of spade coinage to trade silk, gold and jade to the early Roman empire and their adoption of aureus coinage, money has shifted, replaced and changed its appearances and uses many times over the last several eras. When there is a societal shift with the advancement and innovation of bartering-based systems, the early adopters historically will benefit the most.

2.1 Why Are We Necessary

With advancements in financial technology comes the cognitive dissonance having to acquire the proper knowledge and expertise to benefit from the new innovations. This is our role for society, CryptoCravers aims to solve this dilemma by leveraging Cryptocurrency solutions for independent businesses through the implementation of education, enthusiasm and financial support. A majority of independent businesses lack the proper technical background to leverage and take advantage of this new sprawling market. As a business ICO launch platform, we provide an unequivocal service with experienced and qualified professionals in the fields of blockchain engineering, digital media analytics, financial practation and cryptocurrency infrastructure. Through our ICO platform, businesses are provided with access to free capital, increased net margin profit, and introduced/connected to the global online presence. Our platform helps bolster independent businesses and allows them to branch out, improve their business model, and advertise their products in the world of crypto technology.

2.2 Streamlining Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has become a staple in our modern world gaining global attraction with a broad audience spanning across borders and cultures. Cryptocurrency technology is here to stay, however streamlining processes for the general public is required before reaching mass consumer adaptation. For the average business owner, the procedure of interacting with a Cryptographic asset seems like an insurmountable feat only achievable by large corporations and highly technical individuals. It’s complex nature is not only intimidating, but also acts as a gatekeeping mechanism to prevent independent businesses from adopting its technology into their network. To help mitigate this problem, CryptoCravers LLC utilizes cryptographic assets to assist independent businesses by streamlining cryptocurrency understanding, use and application directly into their core business structure.

2.3 Frictionless Model

To alleviate consumer adoption and useability problems, CryptoCravers LLC focuses on having an easy to understand model with less friction to onboard and introduce new customers to the idea of cryptocurrency. This can be achieved through the use of engaging virtual media to cultivate and develop an educational framework on cryptocurrency operations, establishing a more user-friendly exchange similar to the stock brokerage application Robinhood, implementing a baseline of businesses that incorporates cryptocurrency as a form of payment and provide opportunity for clients to purchase and trade their cryptocurrency tokens through this exchange application.

Quote: “It is said that what lasts is not what resists time but what adapts itself to time by adopting the changes. Most new businesses have adopted cryptocurrencies to stay relevant technologically. Additionally,they will take advantage of the benefits of owning their company crypto token. Most importantly,having your own cryptocurrency and launching your own coin will be handled completely by CryptoCravers”

Quote: “Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.” — Elon Musk

3.0 The Problem

The vast complexity of cryptocurrency and its adjacent protocols has left the non-technical business world out, decreasing its global market share and isolating investors who can benefit from its systemonics. With any new technology, comes the conflicted endeavor to fully grasp it’s intricacy. This dissociation causes a substantial dissidence between the business owner trying to implement cryptographic assets to the company structure and the businesses patronage, which without a proper understanding or a readiness can alienate the businesses audience, potentially compelling them away. The current architecture of cryptographic assets is detrimental to its advancement; a dilemma that needs to be corrected.

3.1 Impeding Growth

When a groundbreaking technology emerges and is impracticable and unusable by a large majority of its market; the natural growth cycle is disrupted, causing a negative and dismissive bias. 22% of all American citizens are involved in Cryptocurrency, these new studies show exponential growth in the early stages of Cryptocurrency adoption, however, that exponential growth has been losing momentum over time.

Source: coinmarketcap.com/charts

Global Cryptocurrency market valuation over time

3.2 Affected Productivity

With a continually expanding significance in the global financial market and the 2030 international growth index prediction of over 1 billion Cryptocurrency wallets in circulation; Blockchain technology along with Cryptographic assets is synonymous to the 1990’s internet development. A previous growth index was appraised in a 1998 wired article (Source: www.wired.com/1998/02/dramatic-internet-growth-continues/) that by the turn of the century there will be over 90 million internet hosts globally. A majority of early internet “.com” companies failed in the year 2000 when the market realized how overvalued and under performing these companies were. The same is slated to happen with a majority of blockchain companies through the next decade. With this realization, most cryptocurrency solution companies are only projecting the short-term and often neglecting and dismissing long-term impact. Such a dissolution not only has repercussions with the longevity of Cryptographic assets, but also consequences with independent businesses due to a lack of a support structure to adopt Cryptocurrency into their organization which will eventually cause increased productivity hindrances. Our business model intends to acknowledge this predicament by projecting into the long-term while offering a solid foundation for independent businesses.

3.3 Increased Complexity and Malicious Actors

Bitcoin was originally created to be the absolute peer-to-peer decentralized finance and monetary medium for payments without the intervention of centralized banks. Innovatively, Bitcoin changed the way we look at capital finance and it’s subsequent uses. Its Use case changed as the term “alternative De-Fi” became commonplace. Instead of using Cryptocurrency as a form of payment, it became a static store of value, synonyms to a stock exchange of cryptocurrencies. It’s use is no longer a way businesses accept payment in a decentralized fashion. As De-Fi increased in popularity, so did it’s complexity. Isolating those without the proper knowledge into the inner workings of blockchain technology while rewarding the fortunate. Through it’s increased complexity and global adoption, malicious actors established themselves in the forefront; masking behind a cordial appearance with the sole purpose of deceiving the ill-advised audience; causing global controversy to manifest. Some of these malignant actions became known as “Rug Pulls”, the act of duplicitously promoting a product or service to an unaware audience with the ill-intention of stealing the entire liquidity pool. In 2021 alone, over 14 billion dollars worth of crypto was frauded. On account of the rather large amount of illicit transaction activity in the Crypto space, so created the deframed idea of accepting Crypto on a professional level, which also constitutes a significant obstacle with onboarding businesses to implement crypto into their structure.

Source: Chainalysis: Crypto Crime Trends for 2022

Quote: “What is the calculus of innovation? The calculus of innovation is really quite simple: Knowledge drives innovation, innovation drives productivity, productivity drives economic growth.“ — William Brody, Scientist

4.0 Product Innovation

The current generation of decentralized finance relies heavily on it’s previous predecessors when it comes to product ingenuity and use application, presenting a rather discernible complication applying corrective measures as to not replicate former social and technological issues. To mitigate this plight, more emphasis needs to be placed on designing products for the average consumer. Consideration of a conscious creation of applications to be inexpensive, accessible, and easy to use with clear instructions is imperative to the survival of cryptocurrency. A streamlined decentralized finance cryptocurrency exchange allowing effortless commerce that accepts a wide range of business currencies will enable the average business to adapt.

Source: Chainalysis: Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2021

4.1 Application Utility

Building highly secure and simple applications that operate off the blockchain will help mitigate the problem by providing users with complete access to all the benefits of cryptocurrency problem-free. Ease of use and convenience is pivotical to captivate larger audiences, and appeal to independent business owners.

Quote: “Fortune favors the bold” — Roman Poet Virgil

5.0 The Solution

We saw the massive potential blockchain technology has to benefit independent brick and mortar businesses worldwide, not only does it provide them with an alternative payment system, but also presents them an opportunity to substantially increase businesses sales throughput while expanding into a global marketplace of over 2 trillion dollars. Cryptocravers carefully and thoroughly cultivated theICO platform to provide a financial support structure to independent businesses while continuing to promote the global push from monetary currency to a globalized cryptocurrency network that is equitable, reliable, secure and inflation-proof.

5.1 Case Study

CryptoCravers LLC has launched 7 cryptocurrency tokens on the Binance smart chain. Although there was substantial capital gained from the initial liquidity pool disbursement, within less than a year, all coins crashed one by one. After conducting a study with lessons learned, CryptoCravers determined crashes occured due to lack of tangible asset backing behind the coin. Based on these findings, CryptoCravers decided to conduct business with brick and mortar establishments that have a history of earnings, customers and online presence. We will use all of the natural assets of a business to first launch and sustain the coin. We use the business’s foundation as the livelihood for the token’s existence.

5.2 ICO Platform

We offer Businesses’ the ability to adapt their own Cryptocurrency into this new and emerging marketplace. This is an all inclusive service that will remodel existing business structures and allows a new revolutionary format of currency exchange.

Each Cryptocurrency token will be uniquely tailored to fit the core audience and design of the Business with which we are partnering.

5.3 Our Mission

The CryptoCravers Mission is to innovate and deliver blockchain technology to the forefront of independent businesses providing real world applications. We want to bring Cryptocurrency back to its original design by building engaging Smart Contracts, De-Fi Applications (Dapps) and providing businesses with their own Cryptocurrency tokens.

5.4 Pros of Using Cryptocurrency in Business:

  1. Secure and Fast: Cryptocurrency uses encryption to verify transactions. Advanced coding is involved in the transmission of data and transactions processes; there is blockchain tracking of each coin and wallet. Essentially the end goal is to enhance safety and security for all users.
  2. Growth of the company: Growth is characterized by change, and times are changing. Many people have opened their minds to the ideal of digital currencies. Customers demand faster, easier, and more secure means of payment.
  3. Avenue for gaining High Profits: Having the capability to provide clients with the ability to own Cryptocurrency will provide your business with a second and easy source of income. More than 50 cryptocurrencies worldwide have a market cap of over 1 billion dollars, and practically every utility token(Cryptocurrency token that’s tied to a business or project) has a market cap of over 1 Million Dollars.
  4. Financial Flexibility: Since Cryptocurrencies can’t be monitored, tracked, or controlled by financial institutions such as centralized banks, companies have more financial flexibility and freedom to develop currency according to business requirements. The functionality of the currency can be defined catering to specific business activities. For example, Burger King developed their own token which their customers can use to purchase burgers.
  5. Business Branding: Having company specific Cryptocurrency adds to brand value. Growing trends prove this theory. Giants like Microsoft have their own Cryptocurrency. Catching up with the trends, having your own Crypto gives a company the much needed edge over competitors as customers begin to see the establishment as a business organization that is futuristic and technologically advanced. Finally,having your own digital currency also enhances the trust of customers.
  6. Public or Crowdfunding for a Project: Whether in need of startup capital to give shape to your business ideas or a crowdfunding campaign to support a profit or non-profit project — there’s nothing better than using cryptocurrency to raise funds. By launching an ICO (Initial Coin offering) companies can raise funds as startups or a particular business venture. Also, ICOs are one of the smartest and easiest ways to help kick start a business which is still in ideation stage due to lack of adequate funding.
  7. The Currency of the Future: The pace at which blockchain technology is evolving there’s no doubt that soon cryptocurrency will become mainstream. The advantages one has with crypto is already making it the preferred choice. While fiat currencies are tracked and monitored by the government, more investors and customers are getting interested in projects that allow participation in business activities which aren’t controlled by authority. The anonymity offered by cryptocurrencies is also what makes it lucrative for many.

6.0 Conclusion

The CryptoCravers LLC is a scalable De-Fi Cryptocurrency solution that has employed innovative methods for tackling challenges faced by the current ecosystem of the Cryptocurrency marketplace. The CryptoCravers will be the corrective measure to ensure a brighter and more secure Cryptocurrency future.

6.1 Call To Action

Technology is all around us, and is constantly altering every aspect of our society; it doesn’t spare our mode of payment for goods and services. The importance of Cryptocurrency cannot be ignored anymore. Over 2,500 US businesses accept a digital form of payment, such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and doge for securing transactions, and providing a faster and more robust medium of payment, it’s undoubtedly the next evolution in global technology. The businesses and individuals which adopt this new means of payment/technology first will be the ones who will prosperously persevere and thrive through the next iteration of technological advancement.



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