$ROY — Crypto Royale: Is it a coin? Is it a game?

I came across a really interesting project today and I had to share it with everything. This is an investment you can make without spending a cent. Just jump into the dApp and start playing a simple game, and you’ll start racking up $ROY tokens.

The token is based on the Harmony blockchain, which I’ve never looked to close at (look forward to an upcoming blockchain discussion). At a quick glance, Harmony is an open-source project with a focus on Web3 development. The ONE token, Harmony’s native token, has a market cap of $1.5 billion. But we aren’t here to talk about the Harmony blockchain, lets look at Crypto Royale!

When you arrive at the home page, you are greeted by what looks to be battling planets. The tagline states, “Just play…and Earn!”. Three games later, and I’ve already racked up a whopping 0.27 $ROY. For 5 minutes of my time, that equals out to roughly $0.0045. Not much, to be sure, but remember, I put ZERO dollars into this, I simply clicked a button and started playing. I didn’t even figure out the rules until the third game!

The project launched 6 months ago, in November. The $ROY token reached a high of around $0.16 in January. Currently the price is sitting just shy of 2 cents. Now, while this coin doesn’t look like the next big boom in crypto, it isn’t intended to be. Crypto Royale is demonstrating that crypto isn’t to nebulous speculatory investing. It can be simple, and it can be fun.

Our developer looked into the backend of the Crpyto Royale contract. Unsurprisingly, there isn’t much to report. The code is simple and straightforward. This isn’t a complicated node project, it’s simply a currency backed by in-game utility, that you can buy/sell/trade on a decentralized exchange. The only item of note is a built-in staking feature which will slowly compound the $ROY held in your in-game wallet.

Also featured on the site is a skin marketplace, where you can purchase in-game skins for your battling orb. Upcoming, there seems to be potions that give in-game boosts. Not only can you buy directly from Crypto Royale, but you can list your skins for sale, or purchase from other players. Each skin holds stats relating to in-game wins.

The one way you can make money from this project is to win. There are high stakes matches, where players can bet 100s of tokens (about a dollar) on each match. There is also a link for tournaments where players buy in, hoping to win the grand prize.

This is a very exciting project. Not as an investment, currently, but for what it represents for the world of crypto. I was hoping to find an ambitious roadmap for Crypto Royale, but there was none to be found. There are so many levels of expansion here. Creating more simple games to attract more players. Creating more complex games to attract invested gamers. What crypto needs in a gaming platform, where all in-game transactions are made with a centralized cryptocurrency.

What’s your big idea?

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