PapaVerse: A Binance Ecosystem

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3 min readJun 15, 2022


Some of the most profitable crypto endeavors are multi-faceted exchanges. Exchanges provide a backbone for crypto–without transferability, a currency is nothing. Currently, crypto is a niche market, slowly gaining traction. There is a new exchange forming, whose vision is to simplify crypto transactions and make decentralized finance available to all. Let me tell you a bit about it…

PapaVerse is an ambitious project, and is already delivering. The products already live on the site include the DEX aggregator, PapaExchanger, FiatGateway aggregator, and even an NFT Marketplace. The ecosystem is powered by its native token, the Papa Token, which can be staked for rewards.

The DEX aggregator finds the best deals across exchanges that operate on the EVM. This includes Ethereum, BSC, Fantom, Avalanche, and Polygon. Instead of visiting different exchanges, you can trust the DEX aggregator to check the rates for you and give you the best rate available for your exchange.

The PapaExchanger is a cross-chain exchanger. It’s quite straightforward and gives you access to swap your tokens between nearly every blockchain out there.

The FiatGateway aggregator allows you to transfer your fiat currency to any blockchain. The concept remains the same–it takes a look at multiple services and provides you with the best rate.

The NFT Boutique is live, but seems to be still in development. There are 8 NFTs in the shop, and they are … eh… take a look for yourself. There is a lot of room for this dApp to grow.

With all these products already live, there are still a ton of products on the roadmap. Next on the roadmap is a dashboard to bring all these dApps together. After that they plan to launch the Papa Wallet, followed by a mobile application. So far, they’ve delivered everything they planned to, so there is no reason to believe they won’t continue.

The point is this–This team has a real product, and it’s all in one place. The developers are committed to the project, even though they haven’t seen a lot of returns yet. There really hasn’t even been any marketing for the product that I’ve seen. The development team continues to push their ecosystem and developing their product. Once the mainstream crypto market notices this project, it’s going to be huge.

I had the developer here at CryptoCravers take a look at the Papa token contract, and there isn’t really much to report. It’s a very straightforward contract–generated through the Mudra token creator. There is nothing nefarious to report, or any real vulnerabilities, because the code is quite basic. Currently, the token is trading around $0.000065 per token. The total supply is 1b, but 50% of the tokens are locked away, set to be burned. The marketcap is reported at 65k, but is technically about half of that, with the locked tokens.

I love this ecosystem. I’m excited to get involved and I’m excited to see what will become of it. Remember, the CryptoCravers do not offer financial advice, we simply share projects we like with our community. We love to find projects with committed, trustworthy developers. The developers at PapaVerse clearly aren’t just a bunch of dads.

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