Nodepool NFT: Passive Node Generation with an NFT

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2 min readApr 12, 2022

Today’s review is on a small project that is very unique in nature. As of yet, I haven’t come across anything quite so simple, straightforward, and mathematically sustainable. The project is called Nodepool NFT.

We’ve all been mesmerized with the potential profitability of node projects that have been popping up in the crypto space. However, for a small investor, it can take a while for the node investment to gain momentum and start compounding at a rapid rate. Nodepool NFT targets these investors–the ones that fall behind the curve because they lack the resources for a large initial investment.

So what exactly is the project? Basically, they sell NFT’s. The proceeds of which go directly into a node project–in this case Project X (If you’d like to learn more about Project X, I wrote a review of the project on April 9th). After the initial mint phase ends–100 NFTs minted–the project enters a “compound” period. Nodepool NFT set a timeline of 45 days, during which time, the node rewards are compounded until a truly formidable amount of nodes are created. At day 45, each NFT holder is rewarded 10 PXT2 tokens, which is enough to create a node of their own. Then, every 19–20 days, another 10 PXT2 is rewarded–forever.

The math works out, the project makes sense–the calculations are quite simple. The amount of compounding that will happen in the Nodepool NFT wallet will be more than sufficient to provide the rewards promised.

What the investor needs to consider in this case, is the viability of Project X. If the cost of PXT2 does not crash in the near future, then an investment in the Nodepool NFT project makes sense. However, if PXT2 continues to fall, the investor might be better off creating their own nodes from the start.

Either way you look at it, this project is unique, and brings new possibilities to the table.

Have you seen any projects using NFTs in this way?

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