Krixivia: MMORPG on the Blockchain

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2 min readMay 16, 2022

Crypto gaming often lacks complexity. It’s not real “gaming” as most would consider it. However, Krixivia is a game that plans to change that perception. Based out of the UK, the Krixivia development team is developing an in-depth, 3D, NFT-based fantasy MMORPG. Currently, the game is live for a select group of Beta testers who were lucky enough to win an NFT.

There are two native tokens for Krixivia, both on the Binance Smart Chain. The $KXA token is used for real world exchange of NFTs, starter packs, or purchasing in-game currency. The $KXS token is the currency used within the metaverse of Krixivia. At the time of writing this article (15 May 22), the $KXA token is valued around $.019 USD–and is tradeable on PancakeSwap. The token was launched in December 2021, and hit its all time high in April, at nearly $0.12.

While tokenomics are important, I feel the most important discussion point for Krixivia is its potential to hit the main-stream market. MMORPG’s, as a genre, have a huge following. The hook for Krixivia isn’t necessarily the fact that it’s a De-Fi game, but rather the legitimate game content. It’s the perfect introductory tool for gamers to enter the world of crypto.

I am very excited for the Krixivia to be made open to the public. Currently, the only way to play is to stake a certain number of $KXA in order to be entered for an NFT drawing. If you win an NFT, you will be able to enter the metaverse of Krixivia and test out the game. In addition to playing the game, once the game is fully-functional, I would expect the value of $KXA to skyrocket. Of course, this is not financial advice–DYOR and invest at your own risk..
What other legitimate De-Fi games are currently in development?

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