Juicy Beanz: Still Juicy!

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2 min readMay 20, 2022

I am revisiting the Juicy Beanz project for one simple reason — it’s worth writing about. This project has continued to impress me over the past few weeks, and is still growing steadily. For a complete overview of the project, take a look at my previous post from 3 weeks ago.

Since my last post, the price has tripled — currently sitting at $0.0025 per token. The total market cap is sitting at $183,000, according to the latest PooCoin numbers.

Recently, the team released an NFT project in support of the token. There are 5,000 “Mr. Toasty” NFTs available for mint, almost 900 have already been taken since release a few days ago. The artwork is quite pleasing, a 3-D collection of a very classy piece of toast. The price is quite low, only 0.05 BNB per mint. The proceeds of the mint go towards building the token liquidity pool, in addition to buybacks and burns. These features have a stabilizing and deflationary effect on the $BNZ token. The NFT also rewards users with passive BUSD, much like the token.

The Juicy Beanz community is also worth talking about. I have never witnessed such a loyal community surrounding a token on the Binance Smart Chain. Usually token communities are just looking to make a quick buck. However, the Juicy Beanz community is quite different. When the project lead made a mistake and made a deal with a scam AMA group (a few weeks ago), the community rallied around him. The project lead then used his personal wallet to buy back tokens to correct the chart. It was a defining moment for the project. It showed the community the sincerity of the development team.

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What do you think about Mr. Toasty? How high can this project go?

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