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2 min readMay 2, 2022

Ethics Token: Digital Asset Recovery ($DAR)

The CryptoCravers has been exploring ways to bring ethics and accountability into the world of crypto. Through this research, we found a unique project that we wanted to share with all you cravers out there.

When a project gets rugged, there is very little to be done. Even law enforcement struggles to track down this new wave of cyber criminals. There is one project, however, that dedicates its time to tracking down these crypto thugs: $DAR

The Digital Asset Recovery token works alongside local and federal law enforcement to track down crypto scammers. Wired Fraud, which is the legal term for this type of crime, is a Class C felony, earning the individual up to 20 years in prison and $250k in fines. When criminals are tracked down and funds are recovered, some of the proceeds actually fund the DAR token and help to repay those who have been scammed.

The token has an 8% tax on buys and sells. 2% gets locked into liquidity for 5 years, 2% is redistributed to victims of scams, and the final 4% is spent on attorneys and donations to police departments involved in the investigations.

What do you think about this unique project?

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